Kabelo Mabalane said the truth, but Mzansi does not like it

Kabelo Mabalane said the truth, but Mzansi does not like it

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Kabelo Mabalane was applauded on Instagram for coming out as an ex perpetrator, but Mzansi is still not happy. The social media users are divided some applauded the bravery of coming to the open, and others raised a point that what is that helps the victim?

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Kabelo Mabalane recently confirmed his status as a former perpetrator in a post about the launch of the #NoExcuse anti-GBV (Gender-Based Violence) and he found himself trending in Mzansi people are divided about his sudden change they don’t see anything good about it. But they are asking questions about it, is this all about money?

This question stuck in people’s minds and it reminded them of the victim he abused, even now she is still deaf. Noni Gasa is a victim of abuse by Kabelo is there anyone who asked her how she feels? It’s easy for forex abusers to come out to the open about this and people will keep applauding for their bravery. Is that make a victim feel better?
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If you were the one who is the victim will you applaud for that person. Social Media users showed their views about the matter and it show that most of them are not happy. The views of social media shows that there’s still a problem in gender based violent.

Let’s see what social media views say:

Kabelo didn’t face any punishment about his crimes but now everyone is applauding because he’s come clean. What about victims? Is there anyone who thinks about victims how they feel? Now he will be paid about leaving Noni deaf ‘mmm’ let’s observe maybe he changed for real.

There’s group who took it to comment to congratulate Kabelo for bringing change. Above all he has done he came clean in front of the whole world. This compelled others to report they’re demons as well.

Let’s see some of the comments:
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