Kabza and Maphorisa couldn’t even show some love for AKA” Shots fired!

Kabza and Maphorisa couldn’t even show some love for AKA” Shots fired!

Scores of artists, musicians, personalities and creatives have been lambasted for showing zero support towards the Forbes family following AKA’s passing. Although Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes was laid to rest yesterday but his fans are still fighting tooth and nail with those who skipped his funeral.

Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa are the last but certainly not the least of celebrities to be called out for blue ticking AKA’s passing. Tweeps can make come to terms with how noticeable it was for certain celebrities that did not extend their condolences nor paid their last respect to AKA.

Tweeps have joined hands and collectively lambasted Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa for pulling a missing in action at AKA’s funeral. The pair could not even post on their social media and convey their condolences to the Forbes family.

“Kabza and Maphorisa can voestek ngempela ke manje! The way we support these dudes as a country but they couldn’t even show some love for AKA.” wrote Spho Cooks

Instead, Kabza De Small was sharing videos on social media whilst in studio and making music. Which could be the reason why scores of tweeps are only lambasted them for not wishing the slain rapper a rest-in-peace message.

“They have huge egos those ones futh what I’ve noticed it’s not only them.. So many celebs are quiet” wrote Sis Spokie

“Tjo. just a simple RIP…… i don’t even remember them paying their tributes to mampitsha” wrote Spho Cooks

“I’m also wondering about Kwesta” wrote Ziyanda Dayeli

“So many celebs are just but ke we move Long Live Supamega” wrote Princess M

Just yesterday tweeps attacked rapper Cassper Nyovest following an appreciation post he made about AKA’s father, Tony Forbes. Nyovest could not attend both the memorial service and funeral as due to international work commitments. Tweeps were rubbed the wrong way for his post about AKA’s father when he could not even pay his last respect to the rapper.

“What’s the point speaking from Miles away n not being there to convey your support to the family!?.. After the news broke out…did you even make your way to the family’s house?. Cass,I’m one of your biggest fan man!!.I was never a Mega fan..but death touched me..” wrote Thabang Kala

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