Kagiso Khoza talks about his ex-wife’s accusations of Cheating

Kagiso Khoza talks about his ex-wife’s accusations of Cheating

Kagiso Khoza talks about his ex-wife's accusations of Cheating

Part 2 of Podcast And Chill with Mac G saw TV heartthrob Loyiso Macdonald, delve deep into his personal life again, and leaving no stone unturned to spill the tea on a number of his life’s fascinating topics.
Loyiso Macdonald and wife
An intriguing conversation ensued between the 2 , where Loyiso opened about being an atheist, how he broke his virginity and setting the records straight on rumors that he cheated on his ex-wife with TV actress Zandile Msutwana.

Kagiso Khoza talks about his ex-wife's accusations of Cheating
Not one to keep faraway from speaking about a number of his deepest most personal issues, the television star left fans on the sting of their collective seats, when he spoke about how he broke his virginity just after matric. He said it with a woman he was during a relationship with for a few times.

When asked about how his harassment ordeal didn’t turn him into a monster, the actor said, despite being a victim of abuse one has got to take responsibility to affect it and become a far better person.

“A person has got to take responsibility for his or her actions, you gotta decide what your reaction goes to be in life you can’t control what happens to you generally, you lose your job, COVID, virginity but you’ll control how you answer things. I’m a firm believer and it’s to start out with the person taking responsibility for themselves and say I want to return to grips with whatever goes through in my life and that I got to take the required steps to try to that,” he said.

Actor Loyiso Macdonald aka Kagiso Khoza
Loyiso said people got to seek help to affect their ordeals. He said what helped him in his healing process, was chatting with his family about everything.

The actor also spoke about why doesn’t believe the existence of a god, in his response to Mac G who asked him why he’s an atheist Loyiso said.

“Simply because I’m not convinced that it’s true and when people ask you are doing you think in God my first question is which one? Because I wanna have that conversation and that i want to know because yes I even have been surrounded by Christianity my whole life and that i was never really convinced with it. Maybe as a toddler once you invest the Noah”s Ark, i feel we all knew that story when growing up, but there’s a reason why they teach it to kids because your critical thinking faculties aren’t there yet, you can’t think for yourself, you can’t ask the questions.”

Loyiso Macdonald

The actor said he started being an atheist in highschool and said so as for him to believe something, it must be demonstrated. He said tons of the days we are being told to try to to things, albeit we don’t believe them.

When asked about what his combat ancestors he said “I don’t say that it’s not true, I don’t say it can’t happen or it’s impossible but from what i do know is that death is that the end from what we’ve been shown, nobody has come from the dead to inform us about the journey they went on like “I remember my head being chopped off” unless you’re Bushiri and no-one believes him, some people do unfortunately because they haven’t learned to think for themselves and that i don’t have a drag with the assumption if it does for you as a person’s being that’s cool, but you ought to know that that’s a totally subjective way of watching it”

The television star hogged the headlines a couple of years back after tabloids reported that he allegedly cheated on his wife Luphiwo, with fellow The Queen star Zandile Msutwana, but the actor has poured cold water onto the claims.

“It was fake news, it had been b*llshit, people will always have something to mention about anything that might get them clicks to sell their articles or their newspapers. I remember a Journalist very drunk at an occasion one night literally telling me that dude no hard feelings but, if we write something about you only understand if we cannot find something we’ll structure something”

Loyiso also spoke about how he met his ex-wife. He said she decided to shoot her shot on him on Facebook before he bagged his role on Isidingo. the 2 recently broke up after being married for a couple of years. The actor said he got hitched when he was 24 and he still wanted to get himself more and find out many things in life.