Kairo’s clothes make a big crisis for DJ Zinhle on Heritage Day

Kairo’s clothes make a big crisis for DJ Zinhle on Heritage Day

If we’ve established anything is that a method to urge DJ Zinhle to truly begin on social media and make a raucous is to undertake and say something about her daughter or her parenting skills.

The first time that that had happened was when the daddy, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, of her daughter, Kairo Forbes, used her daughter to clap back at a lover. AKA had gotten embroiled in one among his many social media feuds with a tweep, and as a clap back suggested that Kairo was already richer than the tweep. At the mention his daughter, tweeps thought it she was prey and worked at dragging the toddler until DJ Zinhle stepped in and let it’s known that she is going to not tolerate having her daughter dragged on social media.


Clearly, it had been not everyone that got that message, because there was again another social media user that attempted to inform DJ Zinhle the way to be a far better parent. The social media user which we’ve come to call Gabriel because DJ Zinhle seems to understand the tweep’s real name, despite it not being on their profile. Gabriel shared Kairo Forbes’ Heritage Day outfit, which she wore while dancing a historically isiZulu dance.

Kairo Forbes 1

In the caption, Gabriel than suggested that DJ Zinhle should attempt to dress her up in Khoisan traditional attire next year for Heritage Day. Gabriel suggestion was at the rear of him asserting that Kairo has Khoisan roots from her father’s side; therefore it might be incorrigible for DJ Zinhle to embrace that. Gabriel went as far as adding that, “Did you recognize her name Kairo is from the Khoi Khoi language?”

Kairo Forbes 2

In response to the post DJ Zinhle didn’t take lightly on being told the way to parent her child. She made it clear that she is going to not take advise on the way to parent her own child. She also suggested that if tweeps like Gabriel know such a lot about parenting, that they ought to probably have children of their own to boost to their heart’s content. She described the audacity displayed by Gabriel as having gone “too far.”

Gabriel was untouched by the push back he received for his comment. He was emphatic that his post was being “unapologetic” about his traditions and linage, despite many suggesting that pride is one thing and imposition is another. But DJ Zinhle has already made her stance clear.