Kamo Mphela choosing her face for the day.

Kamo Mphela choosing her face for the day.

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Kamo Mphela has always been known for her many faces. Sometimes even her fans are left confused on how she actually looks and you cannot really blame them. The dancer just dropped new snaps of herself in Kenya and yes – she looks amazing – but a special Kamo.

In 2020, a fake account using Kamo Mphela’s name took to Twitter to share a snap of Kamo, Abidoza and Nkuli.

This left many of Kamo’s fans confused as they couldn’t recognise the star. the image even ended up trending as tweeps are speculating what percentage faces does the dancer even have . inspect a number of the hilarious tweets below.
Kamo Mphela
It appears Kamo saw this and caught feelings. She took to Instagram to reveal that she’ll be making an enormous announcement tomorrow.

During her famous interview with podcaster Mac G, Kamo touched on a couple of topics including relationships, music and plans for the longer term .

One of the foremost shocking revelations from that sit down was the very fact that she didn’t make one cent from Jobe. “People trying to urge you to sign contracts in order that they will hold you down. I went through a few of songs where I didn’t get any money from them. Jobe is one among those.”

Kamo also revealed that she was still a virgin, which her fans do not buy . She also opened about liking bad boys. We also learnt that Kamo failed a grade in highschool .

The rising star has been really doing the foremost . She’s been putting out tons of music recently. She’s also been getting tons of influencer deals on Instagram with different brands. She definitely has her eyes assail bigger things.