Kamo Mphela won’t be impressed by Dj Maphorisa’s comments about her hit Nkulunkulu


Kamo Mphela won’t be impressed by Dj Maphorisa’s comments about her hit Nkulunkulu

Kamo Mphela will be Cassper Nyovest’s next guest on his SABC 1 reality show The Braai Show With Cassper Nyovest. Judging by the trailer shared on social media, Kamo will be an eye candy to watch and she will be revealing some more details about her career on the show.
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In the trailer, Cassper asks Kamo about her private life and how her parents felt when she chose a career in entertainment. Kamo Mphela revealed that she used to run away from her fathers house and go to her mother’s place. She said he found out about her career when she blew up.

Then Cassper revealed that DJ Maphorisa actually produced Nkulunkulu, which she named her Amapiano prayer, but he was not feeling the song. “Maphorisa produced Nkulunkulu and said the song was horrible,” said Cassper.

You going to have to watch the show to find out what Kamo Mphela said about this tea.

Releasing the song, Kamo said, “Finally, my music is out! I’m beyond excited to drop my very own song. I’ve been working on a project for some time now and Nkulunkulu is the first of many new songs to come from me. I can’t wait for my fans to hear and dance along with me.”

Kamo told Drum that this song serves as a prayer “This song is me praying to God to bless me abundantly with fortune, good health, fame, and success.”

A few weeks ago, Nkulunkulu went platinum and when it got released it surpassed 100K views on YouTube within hours.

Kamo Mphela is currently trending because she is getting roasted by popular YouTuber Slik Talk after she made those comments about him saying he is a waste of sperm. “He needs to stop hating on women who are more successful than his existence. What a waste of sperm,” wrote Kamo when Slik Talk dissed Uncle Waffles.

Slik Talk body shamed Kamo Mphela and said she looks pregnant and always out of breath when she performs. He even said Uncle Waffles is what Kamo used to be and said she is washed up.

This did not sit well with tweeps who roasted him back.

Slik Talk saw himself on Kamo’s wrong side when he made those comments about Uncle Waffles. “This girl is the worst highest paid DJ I ever heard in my life. Everything about her set was garbage…the mixing, the songs, she was playing songs from 2019.”

“This is what I hate about this whole internet sensation thing, we overhype people and make them think that they are talented. Uncle Waffles has zero talent. She is a pretty girl but she is not talented. She can dance and she has a great stomach but we have a million other talented dancers.

“When the Adiwele song falls off will Uncle Waffles be here? I don’t thinks so,” dissed the YouTuber.
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Cassper defended her and said, “Uncle waffles didn’t mean for her video to even trend, she was doing what she loved & she did it with such passion that we all fell in love with her. Week in, week out y’all talking shit about the poor girl. Next week y’all tweeting depression is real. Let her have a her moment!!!”

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