Video: Kamo Mphela’s father’s first appearance was beautiful

Video: Kamo Mphela’s father’s first appearance was beautiful

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Mzansi star, Kamo Mphela is one of South Africa’s finest talents. Her hard work, determination, and professionalism have made her one of the most sought-after stars in the country.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, Kamo Mphela is seen speaking at a school standing next to her father.

She says: “This is my dad, he believed in and supported me when I wanted to be an actress. If you want to do anything speak to your parents. This is the coolest dad on earth.”

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Social media users could not help but notice his good looks. “He’s aging like fine wine,” one user said.


Kamo Mphela was born in November 1999 in Emdeni, Soweto and not much is known about her folks. Her father Onitiaf Mphela who worked at YFM and he used to take her to events where she got opportunities to dance on stage.

In a past interview with The Yanos, Kamo revealed that she had a complicated relationship with her mom and although she was not close to her, she played a big role in convincing her father to let her choose her own career path.

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