Kamogelo Geloo Moropa shared pictures of her with her husband Kabza De Small

Kamogelo Geloo Moropa shared pictures of her with her husband Kabza De Small

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It seems like the Mrs is worn out on getting her relationship far from the public eye. Kamogelo Geloo posted snaps of her and her hubby Kabelo Motha known as Kabza the Small, in Newcastle. She inscribed their snaps with the words, “I appeal to God for you since I need you to continue winning and all that you do. Cheerful New Year, all of you.”

Kabza De Small’s union with Kamogelo Geloo Moropa

Sadly for the women, Kabza De Small is off the market. Kamogelo won his love when they at first began dating. Their relationship was here and there for quite a while until they in the end secured the bunch in October 2021. Kabza and Kamogelo chose to get their relationship far from the public eye to keep away from the commotion from their fans about their own lives.

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The King of Amapiano and his significant other are wedded generally, which means there are no wedding rings on their fingers similarly at this point. The two are as yet anticipating having a white wedding function, and the white wedding will likely be displayed to people in general as they have begun with snaps.

Later their function, Kabza wore isiphandla on his wrist to represent being taken. Kamogelo additionally posted a picture of herself, embellished with a customary outfit to show that she is currently a hitched lady.

Kabza the Small’s significant other Kamogelo Geloo Moropa hopes everything would turn great for him for 2022 with sassy snaps

Motivations behind why they kept their relationship so hidden

The Scorpion King is a lord on the decks yet has additionally shown incredible person in securing his better half and his family picture. Kabza is one of the most productive craftsmen in the country, Kamogelo then again, she detests the spotlight. Kamo and Kabza chose to stay quiet about it to shield Kamo from being hauled in features and managing groupies assaulting her via web-based media.

The eventual fate of the couple

These two will have a white wedding and trade promises, and a couple of Motha infants may likewise stand out later on. They’ll travel together when Kabza has gigs, and Kamo may warm up to being in the public eye.

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