Katlego Maboe sent letters of request to his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller

Katlego Maboe sent letters of request to his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller

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Disfavored TV moderator Katlego Maboe sent letters of request to his ex-girlfriend Monique Muller, her brother Seth Muller, Ladies For Alter, and the SA Film and Tv Grants (Safta), to withdraw and apologize for explanations made against him.

According to one of the letters seen by the Cape Times, Maboe’s legal counselors are requesting R1 million in stipend for damages. It is our information that the affirmations are genuinely unfaithful and caused harm to Katlego Maboe’s notoriety and capacity to win an income,” says the letter.

Maboe, 34, was entangled in an embarrassment including treachery and household savagery charges leveled against him by Muller’s final year. In a video that went viral, purportedly taken by Muller, Maboe is listened conceding to having an undertaking with a previous worker.

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In the blink of an eye after the discharge of the video, the moderator was suspended from SABC 3’s The Expresso Show and OUTSURANCE declared the evacuation of all his TV advertisements.

Maboe’s lawyer, André Johnston, on Thursday affirmed that letters of the request were issued. “I have been teaching to commence procedures against those people.

“I will vindicate my client’s name. They have three weeks from nowadays to respond. Failing a settlement, I will issue a summons,” he said.

The Saftas on Thursday said they did not have any comment on the matter. Women for Alter did not react by due date, whereas Muller said she was made mindful around the letter through the media.

“I am and have been made mindful from all writers that clearly there’s a letter of command, I have not however gotten, so I am amazingly inquisitive as to how all writers got their hands on this,” she said.

Maboe, in the interim, returned to social media after a 9-month rest prior final month. Writing a long social media post, shared on his Instagram page, titled ‘Gratitude’: “The past year has taken so much absent from all of us and for a few of us, it has taken everything.

“Be that because it may still solidly accept that that there’s so much to be thankful for particularly whereas confronting overwhelming prospects.

“The exceptionally breath in our lungs may be a flag that echoes the require for appreciation in the midst of the seething storm – not so much as to brush off as immaterial the challenges we have gone through and still confront day by day, but as a firm position to assert that we’ll not be defeated.”