Kayise Ngqula : my son’s nanny, is the coolest ever.


Kayise Ngqula : my son’s nanny, is the coolest ever.

Kayise Ngqula Sings The Praises of Her Son’s Nanny. This current Mother’s Day saw big names and the country everywhere extolling their moms, grannies, child moms, and gatekeepers for work all around done in raising them.

Television have Kayise Ngqula did things somewhat better when she included one other individual who has made an uncommon showing mothering her child. This is in all honesty her child’s caretaker Ncumisa.

Kaise portrays her as a caring individual who cherishes his child Zuko interminably. Much the same as numerous caretakers give a valiant effort in assisting with raising Zuko. Fortunately her difficult work hasn’t gone unnoticed by her boss. “She relinquished time with her own kids to make sure she can deal with mine, Kayise said appreciatively.

As a single parent, Kayise needs all the assist she with canning get in raising little Zuko. In June 2019, she lost her dearest spouse in a disastrous mishap, and her life changed. Express gratitude toward God she has a devoted caretaker who is paradise sent.