Kefilwe Mabote’s alleged marriage exposed

Kefilwe Mabote’s alleged marriage exposed

‘She was never married, she did it for content,’ influencer Kefilwe Mabote is trending after her alleged picture-perfect wedding was exposed.

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It never rains but pours for bubbly influencer Kefilwe Mabote, who is making headlines for the wrong reasons. Barely a year after her rumoured traditional wedding, it is alleged that she was never married.

Rumour mill has it that she pulled a stunt on her followers because the picture-perfect ‘lobola’ photos were just for content.


In 2023, the celebrated influencer flooded social media with photos of her alleged lobola. She even captioned one of her posts, “Kefilwe Mabote ke makoti alilili.”

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No doubt, Mzansi was more than convinced that she was off the market. The influencer even shared photos posing next to a herd of Bonsmara cows. In one of the posts, she wrote, “03•01•2023. This time, it is to infinity.”

According to reports, Kefilwe Mabote was never married. Speaking to ZiMoja, a close source to the influencer said, “There was never a marriage, that entire thing was staged for content.”

Rumour mill has it that she even implicated her family in the mix because that’s where the money comes from.


One of the sources revealed that she creates interesting content for her social media clout because the bigger the following and engagement, the bigger the bucks.

“We all knew at the time that it was just for content. She also did it to make her well-known ex-boyfriend jealous after he left her for another influencer. She fooled her followers and other celebrities who were quick to congratulate her,” another source said.

However, Kefilwe Mabote has yet to address the daring ‘fake marriage’ allegations that have thrust her into the top trends.

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