Kelly and Zandile have taken the spotlight again.

Kelly and Zandile have taken the spotlight again.

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The trouble between Kelly and her sister, Zandie, seems far to end.

The two have been squabbling with each other for quite some time now and peace is far to happen between the two of them.

Mzansi Celebrity News has learned that the relationship between the Khumalo sisters, Kelly and Zandile has taken the spotlight again.

Mzansi, in social media, could not help but notice how Kelly snubbed her sister’s, newborn baby. This landed Kelly in a very peculiar situation as she recently got tongues wagging after snubbing Zandile following the birth of her first-born son, Zenara.

Zanara was born at Shelly Beach Hospital in Port Shepstone in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

While the whole country was celebrating the birth of the baby, with some close friends showering the baby with gifts, Kelly was nowhere to be seen.

She did not even post a congratulatory message amidst the flood of messages.

It will be remembered that the sibling’s relationship broke down last year during a very public disagreement which saw the two sisters arguing via social media posts directed at each other.

In June last year, Zandie released a statement denouncing her sister Kelly.

She stated that she has divorced her sister, Kelly.

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On her Instagram page, at the time, Zandie revealed her decision to ‘divorce’ Kelly and said that she is distancing herself because her sister is a “toxic” person, among other things.

This followed Kelly’s social media statement, where she ‘set the record straight’ after an alleged scam involving her sister Zandie and her husband, Mhlo Gumede.

It was reported that an event organiser claimed that Gumede had allegedly scammed him out of R15 000 with the promise of having Kelly Khumalo perform at his entertainment lounge.

Zandie gave birth a week ago and she revealed in an interview how excited she is about the new journey of being a mom.

Zandie said that she has been looking forward to motherhood.

“We have always wanted a family of our own when the time was right, and this could not have happened at a better time,” she says.

She and Mhlo chose the name Zenala which means ‘days of abundance’.