Kelly Khumalo And The Mother Inlaw Are Fighting Over A Car, See What Kelly Said

This war between the widow wife Kelly Khumalo and the mother of late Senzo is not seems to end anytime soon, because more stories get exposed almost everyday.

The mother of late Senzo is very angry at Kelly Khumalo because she continued using the BMW car of the late Senzo even when she was told by the police to never use it.

She continued to use it and also said it is the car of the father of her children so she has any right to use it whenever she want and she will continue using it she want.

The mother of Senzo was very heart broken after Kelly’s response, because everytime she seems that BMW car she just remember her late son.






Let’s hope Kelly will come to understand the situation the mother of Senzo is going through whenever she seems that car.

Do you think Kelly is wrong for using the car of her late husband or they are just taking an advantage so control her?

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