Kelly Khumalo has finally admitted what her son did at school

Kelly Khumalo has finally admitted what her son did at school

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Kelly Khumalo has finally come out of the closet and said that his son was just inquisitive during the time he was found with weed at school. She further revealed that her son took the weed to school by mistake.

Early this year according to the report, Kelly Khumalo’s son Christian was allegedly found in possession of weed at the school premises whereby they ended up calling the mother to the school to come and explain the actions of the son.

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Many have labeled Kelly Khumalo as a failing mother when it comes to parenting, while others suggest that it may be puberty pressure associated with teenagers that lead to Christian taking the weed to school.

According to Kelly Khumalo’s reality show, she has since opened up and admitted that the rumors were true that her son took weed to school, but said that it was a mistake any childhood of done Christian should not be crucified for it.

She further came out and admitted that it was true but also a direct plot to portray her as a failing mother when it comes to parenting.

According to a statement, she further asked where it came from and how did it get to the media and thinks that he took it because she was just inquisitive and wanted to see what it was. And getting to the media she alleges that his friend sold him out.

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She further said that she doesn’t want Christian to be affected by unnecessary things as he is still a young boy and still has to grow and along the way, there will be mistakes that you will make just like any other kid.

According to my opinion, kids will always be kids and there will be mistakes along the way that the parents will be blamed for, rather than using the saying that says it takes a village to raise a kid.

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