Kelly Khumalo is the most underrated celeb in Mzansi


Kelly Khumalo is the most underrated celeb in Mzansi

Kelly Khumalo is the most bullied celebrity in South Africa. Kelly Khumalo is a human person, and people should stop dragging her into whatever awful things are going on in the world as if she doesn’t have feelings or can’t feel pain.
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People have been linking her to everyone’s death since her partner died at her home years ago, which is not a sensible thing to do.
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Kelly Khumalo has children and family members who love and care about her. While she may be strong enough to deal with all of the bullying she is receiving, her close family will be unable to bear the pain you are causing them.

Whenever someone dies, she is held responsible.

Yes, Senzo died in her home, but there is still no proof that Kelly Khumalo killed her lover. Why don’t we wait till justice is served before passing judgement on someone we don’t know if she is guilty or not?

A number of celebrities have lost their lives, either by accident or committing suicide but she will still be blamed for their deaths,it will be more worse If she was closed to those people because she won’t speak out about how she feels about their deaths with the fear of being dragged and called by names.

If you have noticed Kelly Khumalo doesn’t share how she feels about a number of celebrities who have lost their lives in the industry not because she doesn’t know or feel any pain she does but because she’s afraid to be dragged she chose to keep quiet.
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We don’t know how she feels about all the hate she’s getting, but keep in mind that if she kills herself, you’ll be held responsible.

I’m not sure what kind of homes you people come from, but you seem to like seeing others get wounded all the time.Whatever you’re doing to Kelly Khumalo has to stop; she’s a human being, and you can’t treat her like that.

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