Kelly Khumalo refused to be Somizi’s replacement in Zimbabwe

Kelly Khumalo refused to be Somizi’s replacement in Zimbabwe

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South African social media went abuzz this past week when reports emerged that Somizi was blocked to enter Zimbabwe. However, the South African celebrity, Somizi has since canceled an appearance in Zimbabwe after a Christian group tried to ban him from entering the country because of his sexuality orientation.

Apparently, a church group called the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe wrote to the Zimbabwean government stating that it is opposing the media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s visit.

The widely known South African actor and media personality were supposed to attend the reopening of a restaurant in Harare on Thursday last week. Somizi has since accepted an invitation to a gig in Namibia instead of Zimbabwe.

A South African singer, actress and dancer kelly Khumalo canceled her appearance at the grand reopening of Garwe Restaurant in Harare, Zimbabwe on Thursday, following the reports that her Friend, the media personality Somizi Mhlongo, was blocked to enter into the country.

Following this saga, the media personality Somizi then uploaded a video of himself addressing this issue on Instagram. And Somizi appeared to be in good spirits in the video he on Instagram on Thursday. Somizi captioned the video with the words “Bye bye ZA (Zimbabwe) Hello NA (Namibia)”.

Somizi Mhlongo, who is best known as a judge on South African Idols, indicated that while he was disappointed at the cancellation of his visit, he would not “stop speaking on behalf of the voiceless”.

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In the sixty minutes video Somizi said “If it means you not wanting me being me, authentically me, keep it, keep your space, keep your country, I don’t want to be there anyway,”

In the letter which the Leaders of the Apostolic Council, a coalition of more than 600 Christian groups, pointed out to President Mnangagwa that “Zimbabwe doesn’t tolerate homosexuality”.

Mhlongo added that this was not the first time something like this has happened to him.

“I am used to it. I am okay with it, but I am not okay at the same time because I could easily say I do not care. I live in a country where I am free to be me, it does not affect me because I do not need to go anywhere else. I am safe in my own country.” he said.

Mhlongo was immediately booked for another event in Namibia on the same night.

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“What is sad is that them not wanting me to come to their country because I am gay will not change anything with regards to people being gay. I am not the reason people are homosexual. I might be the reason people feel bolder to be homosexual because I am proud of being homosexual.”