Kelly Khumalo refuses to talk about forgiving Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo refuses to talk about forgiving Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo responds to fans asking her to forgive Jub Jub! Whilst Kelly Khumalo has acknowledged that her son Christian is the spitting image of his father Molemo Maaronyane aka Jub Jub, she takes great offense to commentary that he will be anything like him.
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Kelly surprised her Instagram followers after she clapped back hard at a fan who likened the 12-year-old to his muso dad. She also shaded her ex after more followers asked her to forgive him for his past sins.

The singer is fiercely protective over her brood, which includes daughter Thingo, whose dad is the late Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa.
Kelly Khumalo 3 1Over the weekend, Kelly Khumalo posted a picture of her son on her Instagram feed.

She captioned the pic of the boy eating candyfloss: “So blessed to be his mom, what an extraordinary little man who’s almost taller than his mom”


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Kelly Khumalo’s comments section was filled with fans praising her for being a strong, single mom.

However, some reminded Kelly that Christian had a dad too, something she didn’t take to kindly about.

When one fan wrote: “It takes a man & a woman to make a child”, Kelly clapped back: “It took ME to raise him so take your analogy and shove it up you’re a**!”. She also took offence to one follow who commented: “Like father, like son”. But Kelly wasn’t hearing it. ”Don’t you dare!,” she told the fan.
Kelly Khumalo 4When other followers asked Kelly Khumalo to forgive Jub Jub and allow him to become part of his son’s life, she responded: “For now, he’s just a sperm donor! Please respect my son!”. She also claimed that Jub Jub had “no sense of responsibility”.

She added: “He did 13 years ago, however, a human’s body renews every seven years so there is no trace of that misfortune in my system but the blessing that is my son. No sense of responsibility makes you a useless object”
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Kelly Khumalo’s comments come days after Jub Jub claimed he was “not a saint” in his own Instagram post.

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