Kelly Khumalo says she is not looking for love this Valentine’s Day

Kelly Khumalo says she is not looking for love this Valentine’s Day

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As St Valentine’s Day is upon, several are going to be celebrating the day by exchanging gifts and lovebirds will definitely pull out all the stops for fancy vacations, gifts and romantic outings.

To people who haven’t found love, the day might probably bring loneliness and heartbreak and Kelly Khumalo isn’t in a very rush to be in a very relationship, simply for St Valentine’s Day.

In an uproarious video she shared on her Instagram page, the songster slammed men United Nations agency slide into her DMs and blackmail her for not responding. Kellly United Nations agency once aghast fans once along with her Russian accent, now around she opted for a Pakistani English accent that left everybody in stitches.

She same simply because it’s Valentine’s tomorrow she isn’t harassed to search out a new love.

“My brother, I do not respond as a result of I do not need you. therefore do not bring this issue of blackmailing the American state as a result of tomorrow its Valentine’s and currently i have to feel dangerous as a result of I refused you. i’m attending to await the one I need, I need the one I really like and that I am not attending to compromise.” She issued a stern warning to her fans that they ought to not fall for relationships thanks to Valentine’s Day.
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Kelly has been teasing her forthcoming music video for her single Ngathwala Nguyen. The songster has been posting photos with a hunky man. the 2 are sharing photos of them serving body goals in a very pool.

Kelly United Nations agency has not been terribly lucky once it involves relationships recently unconcealed that additional youngsters don’t seem to be within the pipeline for her.

“My future husband, you may got to accept this. i’m not ruin myself once more. you may got to accept the actual fact that I don’t need additional babies, If you would like additional, you are going to possess to possess cash on behalf of me to shop for another tummy and now it’ll be powerful,” she said.

Kelly United Nations agency recently stone-broke up along with her ex-bae Chad district attorney Don same, told ZAlebs last year that she still believes soft on and she or he will not stop.

“I’m a sucker for love, i really like love, the chorus of the song reflects on United Nations agency i’m in terms of affection, i’ll die soft on, therefore we’ll keep making an attempt till we tend to get onto right” same Kelly.