Kelly Khumalo says we shouldn’t fight over men

Kelly Khumalo says we shouldn’t fight over men

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Kelly Khumalo is a prominent South African musician who has made an outstanding contribution to the entertainment and music industry, she’s a courageous and talented woman in the music industry.

Kelly Khumalo has gone through a lot of difficulties but because she is a brave woman she always overcomes whatever obstacles she face , her talent and her musical skills I think is also what got her to the level she is now.

Kelly Khumalo has been criticized around the world by people calling her names but she did not look down on herself instead she just took courage and pushed forward.

She has shown that she is a strong woman because she does not care what people say about her but she is striving to grow herself and her career.Today the superstar woke up with a feeling of intimidation from other women who found themselves arguing over a man.

She told her followers in a video she posted on Instagram that there was nothing as annoying as a woman attacking another woman because she’s accused her of stealing her man because she believed that no one could steal an adult.

She said women should stop fighting and dragging each other if they find out they are dating one man but instead they should face the man directly to get answers.

Because it is possible that the woman you are dragging doesn’t know anything. The problem is with men who can’t control themselves.


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She went on to say that any woman who would have the courage to come to her and fight her over a man,she would make sure that she taught that lady a lesson she would never forget.

She says she will beat up a woman who comes to her and accuses her of stealing her man saying she will not be beating her because she wants a man but she will do so to teach her a lesson.

For those who want to watch the video please click on the link it will direct you straight to her video.