Kelly Khumalo: Victory over covid-19 will only come from God.

Kelly Khumalo: Victory over covid-19 will only come from God.

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While Mzansi joins the remainder of the continent in anticipation of the upcoming rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, songstress Kelly Khumalo has called on Mzansi to divert their attention to God, whom she believes holds the sole true miracle to save lots of the country and therefore the world.

Taking to social media in the week , Kelly asked people to wish because the difficult times caused by the worldwide pandemic continue.

“Beloveds, our people are dying … Yes, we’ve to social distance, keep our masks on, and I’m sure with the alcohol ban things are getting to go down. But I don’t hear tons of state officials calling us to prayer. I feel that we’d like God quite ever at now in time,” Kelly said within the Instagram video.

The singer said she knew that folks were getting to call her “crazy” for her plea for SA to show to God for the solution .

However, she made it clear that she wouldn’t stop urging South Africans to hunt divine intervention.

“Again i do know tons of you’ll certify me as a crazy person. But again, I desire i want to ask you guys to turn the Lord because no scientist goes to make a miracle at now . we’d like God Himself.”
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At the start of the pandemic, a raging debate was ignited on #ChristianTwitter when non-believers argue with Christians over the worldwide pandemic being a “punishment” from God.

Kelly weighed in on the talk , joining musician Khaya Mthethwa to mention that they do not believe that the Covid-19 outbreak is an “act of God”.

Khaya, who is additionally a pastor, said:” If God is punishing us, why did he punish Jesus. that might then make him unjust! #GodIsNotAngry.”

Kelly agreed, saying: “This is strictly what I’ve been saying #GodIsNotAngry.”