Kgomotso Matsunyane woke up to an R2,8 Million tax bill last week.

Kgomotso Matsunyane woke up to an R2,8 Million tax bill last week.

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The TV personality has received some good news as confirmed by the taxman.

The situation that she has found herself in, has had many celebrities fall into it and lost most of their properties. We have seen celebrities having property being repossessed by the taxman for failing to honor the tax returns.

TV personality Kgomotso Matsunyane woke up to an R2,8 Million tax bill last week.

According to Sunday World, South African Revenue Service ( SARS) has obtained a default judgment against Matsunyane’s film company, One Man and his dog Films, at the Joburg High Court after she failed to settle its bills.

Another film company of Matsunyane which manages turnkey oihects of all productions is on the verge of losing all its assets after SARS threatened to attach them after she failed to enter into a payment arrangement with the taxman.

According to the source, Matsunyane owes over R1,5 Million in unpaid Value Added tax, but the amount ballooned to over R2,2 Million after R221 000 penalties and over R69 000 interest were added.

It also emerged that her company owed SARS a total of R38 000 on unemployment funds and R110 000 in skills levies.

After Matsunyane ignored the taxman’s requests for her to make arrangements or apply for suspension of debt if she disputed the amount, SARS decided to obtain the judgment against her company.

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Celebrities who have also been in trouble with SARS include Bonang Matheba, Teko Modise, Shawn Mkhize, AKA, Katlego Dankez just to mention a few.

Most of them as well lost their properties when SARS seized their assets after they failed to make payments or honoring the agreement with the taxman.

Cassper Nyovest had a hefty bill with SARS of R3,6 Million in 2019.

Bonang Matheba in 2018 was charged for dodging personal taxes for 10 years from 2008-2017 as well as company tax from 2014-2017.

AKA was also owing SARS over R2 Million in 2017.

Actress Katlego Danke was reported in 2017 that she has failed to submit her personal tax returns for 6 years from 2012-2017.

The football player Teko Modise also failed to submit his returns for five years from 2013-2017.

By the look of things, it’s a norm for celebrities to be in trouble with the taxman.

We hope that Matsunyane resolves this soon.