Khanya Voice Hadebe’s friends commemorate his memory in green

Khanya Voice Hadebe’s friends commemorate his memory in green

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Khanya Voice Hadebe’s friends showed their love and respect over Khanya’s life by the memorial tribute to his love and his love for green.
Khanya Voice Hadebe is from Braamfotein, was born in 1998. Khanya was Mpura and Killer Kau’s DJ, he was a live DJ. He worked for management, he has been under it for 2 years.

His management has placed all the upcoming Summer events in his name because he had proved himself more than enough and it was going to be his time to shine. He was going to be able to release his own songs next year.

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He was described as a very humble, lovely soul, kind, well-mannered person. He was a friendly person, someone who always makes sure that everyone was okay. He loved green and he used to call himself “illuminated Greens” besides The Voice.

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He lived with his girlfriend Nicolee, she broke her silence on social media about her love for him and how much his sudden passing has affected her.

His friends held the memorial service and pass their tributes in Braamfontein “Johannesburg”, they celebrated Khanya’s life in a very honorable and lovely way, they showed everyone the true meaning of friendship and love for one another.

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They placed green balloons everywhere and when his voice was placed in speakers they let them flee higher, letting go of his soul but appreciating the memories.

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His friends made sure that everyone gets a piece of Khanya in showing who he was, his most recent words “Show Gratitude At All Times”💚

Rest in peace young king, your memory will always be in our hearts. Khanya you were great, we love you always.