Khanyi Mbau celebrated what she did with Kudzai.

Khanyi Mbau celebrated what she did with Kudzai.

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Usually, people shouldn’t try to interfere when couples are fighting or having an argument. Only because these two people are in a relationship and when they eventually talk 6about it and smooth things out you will be the one left to blame because you interfered. It’s wise to stay away from people’s relationships but people can’t get over what Khanyi Mbau did to her man.

About a week ago, South African actress, TV presenter and social media personality Khanyi Mbau left her boyfriend in dubai. Khanyi and Kudzai were soo public about their relationship and everyone who follows them knew they were in Dubai. But then around 6pm Khanyi left the house saying she wants to go do her nails and that she’ll Kudzai to come and get her when she done.

Around 1am Kudzai was getting worried because Khanyi hadn’t texted or said anything so he started calling and texting her but no response. He then took this to social media posting statuses addressing the situation and how hes worried. From the texts and screenshots he posted you can tell that he didn’t sleep that night trying to find Khanyi in this foreign country. Most people in the country were worried about Khanyis whereabouts. Later than day, Lasizwe posted a picture of Khanyi at her fathers grave and captioned it ” dad khanyi is back home and safe.” Thats is where everything went south.

People started celebrating Khanyi for leaving her man in Dubai but most people had a lot of questions. These two seemed to be okay so what really happened in Dubai? A week later after Khanyi started making jokes about the situation and how she left her man in Dubai peoole are starting to get annoyed.

Yesterday khanyi posted a picture on Instagram and captioned it “leave like you’re coming back.” Later that day she was MCing at an event where she started singing ” Shiya indoda eDubai phuma ngathi uyabuya.”

Most people are now annoyed at the fact that people keep on celebrating what she did but seeing Kudzai cry on a public platform like that was not something poeple should celebrate. A tweep said “But why is Khanyi Mbau being celebrated for what she did to her man?” Which is a fair question.


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Another tweep said “not khanyi singing leave a man in Dubai ,leave like you are coming and people are happy about it imagine if it was done to her what people will be saying.”

Another one said “If it was a man who did what Khanyi Mbau did he would be cancelled right now, all the fake feminist will be all over social media crying foul. But keh Khanyi is a woman.”

I think that Khanyi should tell people what really happened in Dubai so that people can understand why she left. Now there’s a division on social media if people who believe she did the right thing and those who say what sge did was wrong.