Khanyi Mbau remembers her father on the day he died

Khanyi Mbau remembers her father on the day he died

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It was not that long ago when Khanyi Mbau and her half-brother, social media influencer Lasizwe Dambuza lost their father. The news came as a shock to many of their fans who were quick to share their love and comfort with the family.

And while it has been a year already now, there is no denying that the loss has still left a big void in their lives. Taking to her Instagram, Khanyi just recently took to sharing with her fans that her family had just celebrated their father’s heavenly birthday.

She also appreciated the organizers of the event, saying that they have always been there for her family from the time they buried her father up until now.

Her fans have not shied away from sending their love in her comments section. They all agree that her strength so far has been inspiring to those who have also lost their loved ones recently. Fans are also gushing at how beautiful the set up was and what a great way it was to honour the memory of her father.


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But other than that, it is safe to say that Khanyi has had an equally good year. Just recently her fans have been gushing at her most recent works. The first one being the Happiness Ever After film where she is one of the starring actresses.

Not only that, her film, Red Room was just finally released and made available on streaming platforms, meaning more people can now watch it. Her fans have since been applauding Khanyi for her great acting skills saying that she never disappoints when it comes to delivering her role on TV.

The actress was also just recently back in Dubai to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday. She and Kudzai have been quite the couple’s goals, but what shook the internet was when Kudzai mentioned in a post that Khanyi had spent a million on his birthday. Talk about being the girlfriend of the year!!

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It was also this year that she won the ‘Drama Queen’ title at the Feather awards. That is not what shocked Mzansi though, because I mean this is Khanyi we are talking about. What had us in awe was when she decided to dedicate the award to Kudzai, especially after ditching him in Dubai that one time they had an altercation.