Khanyi Mbau warned Kudzai Mushonga a lot, but he didn’t care.

Khanyi Mbau warned Kudzai Mushonga a lot, but he didn’t care.

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Khanyi Mbau and his rich man decided to leave the country chasing a much stronger currency and the best place in the world where they thought they could settle in peace was Dubai, the lavish city located in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way they both have expected and they were faced with challenges that ended up being known by almost everyone in South Africa.

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For some reason, Khanyi Mbau decided to leave everything behind, jumped on the plane with a first-class ticket, and flew back home without saying goodbye to her boyfriend. That prompted her boyfriend to go on an Instagram rant that raised a lot of eyebrows making people believe that he is obsessed.

Fans have even seen Khanyi Mbau and his half-brother Lasizwe Dambuza at the cemetery, visiting their late father with a wreath after they decided to share the pic on social. However, the question that everyone has been asking since the saga happened in the Persian Gulf is what really went down that prompted Khanyi to come back without saying goodbye.

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It turns out that Khanyi and her boyfriend were having issues like any other relationship. They both found themselves in a big city like Dubai where money can get you anything and her man was caught up in the rush and thrill of it. Khanyi Mbau ended up feeling neglected and started longing for the attention she used to get whilst they were still in South Africa.

Apparently, the guy confessed to always spending his time on the phone and getting drunk. He said Khanyi warned him several times to stop neglecting her and he didn’t listen. After she left that’s when he decided to think of all the hints that she was giving him. At one point during his Live video on Instagram, the guy even shed tears while confessing his love for Khanyi.

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