Khanyi Mbau: we are all here for a reason! Find It and Win!

Khanyi Mbau: we are all here for a reason! Find It and Win!

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An attack from the “Open The Industry” brigade found a home on Khanyi Mbau’s timeline after she bragged about her latest endorsement deals for a shoe and a well-known beverage brand, but sis was ready for them and showed them flames.

Khanyi, whose hustle has bagged her a deal with SA brand Bathu Shoes and alcohol brand Castle Lite, had to shut down a tweep who came up in her comments section complaining that it is “always the same people who get all the deals”.

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Khanyi simply told the tweep that people get what they get as a result of fasting, praying, and hustling hard.

Her response was not enough to make the tweep and his supporters quit. This was in the height of Mohale and his Rhythm City gig debate on the TL, so they attacked Khanyi for not being truthful about “connections” being the reason certain people keep securing work.

“Nah my darling, they got connections, they are favored,” one tweep hit back at Khanyi.

While Khanyi didn’t flat out deny that influence plays a role in the gigs celebrities bag, she emphasized that they spent a lot of time “manifesting”.

Khanyi also made it clear that qualifications couldn’t be used as a defense in the debate because no matter how “qualified” one is, the industry was all about survival of the fittest.

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“Parents pay money because their kids have passion. The job part is another game altogether. Life is a battle, period! Survival of the fittest. No-one is coming to save you, and no-one owes you anything! In any industry, it’s about mastery. Some will serve and some will be served.”

After lengthy engagement with her followers about the matter, Khanyi concluded by saying people needed to be their own plugs and keep fighting for what they believe is theirs.

Read their heated exchange below.