Khanyi Mbau’s Boyfriend: I REALLY NEED HELP, I’m struggling

Khanyi Mbau’s Boyfriend: I REALLY NEED HELP, I’m struggling

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Khanyi Mbau’s Boyfriend Kudzai Terrence Mushonga who is a Zimbabwean businessman took to Instagram to ask for help. “I REALLY NEED HELP, I’m struggling,” he wrote. Looks like there is trouble in Paradise. These two went on a vacation in Dubai weeks ago but it looks like it does not always glitter on the table.

He mentioned that he did not know where Khanyi Mbau was, he said he dropped her at the salon at 6 pm and agreed with her that he will come to pick her up 30 minutes before she is done, but Khanyi did not communicate with him and he started searching for her and went to the salon at 2:25 and found the salon had closed at 10 pm. Well, who goes to the salon at 2 in the morning?. And also why involve the kid’s school fees in this mess? I guess he is just hurt.

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He also emphasized on his love for Khanyi and that he is really trying very hard to work so they can maintain their lifestyle.

Everyone is concerned on wether Khanyi Mbau is ok wherever she is. An Instagram account called Maphepha Ndaba went to an extent of asking her little brother Lasizwe about Khanyi’s safety and he replied by saying that we should not involve ourselves in two people business. But the people just wanted to know whether Khanyi is ok or not. Lasizwe did not answer this question.

We hope Khanyi is safe and well. Relationships are not always nice, sometimes there may be disagreements and yes people should not involve themselves.

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Khanyi Mbau is currently trending number one on Twitter today Tuesday 31 August 2021, some people are saying this man is showing red flags by putting their issues on social media. Hopefully the two will fix their issues because they’ve been inspiring alot of people with their love life and their lifestyle.

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