Khanyi Mbau’s daughter kills two pregnancy rumors in a smart way

Khanyi Mbau’s daughter kills two pregnancy rumors in a smart way

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Khanukani has recently been in the spotlight as Mzansi accepted she was pregnant after Lasizwe posted a video of the family attempting to take a family photo. Many fans of the YouTuber assumed that the 15-year-old was pregnant. Khanukani’s brilliant mother later corrected the stories, claiming they were false. Khanukani’s birthday photos begin to circulate on the internet a few days later.

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Following numerous distributions expounding on the possibility of her becoming the most youthful grandmother in media outlets, Khanyi Mbau took to Instagram to address her daughter’s pregnancy tales. Khanyi was furious at those who spread the rumors, claiming it was heinous to discuss a child in such away. She stated that adults should be protecting children rather than harassing them.
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Khanyi Mbau also promised to fight anyone who tried to harm her child. After all of the fake pregnancy rumors were debunked, the actress took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter’s fifteenth birthday. She posted a sweet note about Khanukani on her Instagram and a lot of pictures from when Khanukani was still a child. Some of her supporters were tyrants who took to the comment sections to demand to see the most recent photographs of her daughter, assuming she was not pregnant. Following that, the post was removed.
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The pleased mother then posted a slew of pictures of Khanukani from a photoshoot she did for her birthday, all glammed up. Everything, including her make-up, was flawless, and she resembled a model. Many fans were taken aback when they realized how much she resembled her mother. VIPs such as Nadia Nakai, Simz Ngema, DJ Zinhle, and Somizi used the comment section to praise Khanukani.


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Khanukani only shared one photo from the photoshoot on her Instagram page, thanking everyone for their birthday wishes. What a clever way to silence critics.