Khanyi Mbau’s song in Dubai turns Mzansi upside down


Khanyi Mbau’s song in Dubai turns Mzansi upside down

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Khanyi Mbau has left South African citizens in shock after singing a song referring to what she just did to her boyfriend, Kudzai. The couple had gone to Dubai to have some fun but it seems like she had different plans, according to the boyfriend she was at a salon that then she told him to go to his work…she will call him when she’s done so that he can take her home.
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He went home and did everything that he needed to do and even prepared a meal for them, he noticed that it was getting late and she had not said anything. He started getting worried and calling her even sending messages but got no response from her.

He says he went to the salon to look for her then when he didn’t find her he decided to go live on social media, as he was talking about the fact that she is missing and he cannot find her. She just decided to respond to his message and told him that she is not missing, she is just giving him space.
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That seems to have been the end of their relationship because, since then the guy started telling people what really happened and she seemed not really comfortable with that. Her little brother, Lasizwe went on the live and told the boyfriend to stop talking about his sister because he is going to expose him.

That worked indeed because the boyfriend decided to stop their live immediately, the guy did not take it to heart and continued posting his girlfriend and claiming that he misses her. There is even one where he said all he is seeing around him are couples, and he misses his own partner.
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So what the partner did yesterday really surprised people, she sang a song saying leave your man in Dubai… just go out as if you are coming back.

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