Khaya Dladla opened her heart about how her family endured her


Khaya Dladla opened her heart about how her family endured her

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We think that as a country Khaya Dladla who is also known as GC on Uzalo played such a pivotal role in paving the way for queer or gay people, our parents and guardians got to see and understand what being gay or being part of the LGBTQ community stand for, we fell in love with him and his craft, but we also loved how despite him being all over our TV screen every day of the week, we literally knew nothing about him. The actor mastered the art of keeping his private life private.

It is for the above reason that his recent post touched all of us, Khaya recently took to Insta to share that on this day last year, he lost a loved one and his mom did not take the news well as that resulted in his mom suffering a stroke.


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For those of you who know, once an individual has suffered a stroke they may have some of their bodily features impaired and require assistance with basic things that any other human being can do for themselves.

We are so happy that he was fully there for his mother and saw the whole process through in attempt to ensure that his mother has her mobility restored.

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