Khuli Chana Can’t Deal With William Last KRM Because of William’s crazy antics


Khuli Chana Can’t Deal With William Last KRM Because of William’s crazy antics

Khuli Chana is one among the foremost renowned veteran Motswako rappers in Mzansi, he first rose to fame when he was within the gathering called Morafe, their group allowed them to make a replacement rap style which is predominantly dominant within the North West province.
Khuli Chana Can't Deal With William Last KRM

He has influenced the likes of Cassper Nyovest and worked closely with the late HHP in putting Motswako on the Hip Hop map, his original and unconventional style pushed him to become the primary South African hip hop artist to win internationally recognised awards from Cannes, Bookmarks, Louries.
Although he keeps a low-profile within the limelight , Khuli recently dropped a replacement single called Basadi featuring Cassper Nyovest, which currently has 68 842 views on Youtube.

Known for his great sense of humour and love for his culture and other people , Kuli Chana Tweeted a video of Botswana’s funny man and socialite William Last KRM. within the video, William is lip-syncing to Kuli Chana’s song and in his usual self-deprecating manner, he was hilarious.

If you anything about William Last, it’s that he loves doing funny and sometimes crazy skits on camera, he features a huge Social Media following in Botswana and at just 20 years aged , he’s considered one among Botswana’s funniest comedians.

He clearly cracked Kuli Chana up but Shimza probably isn’t much of his fan…judging from his response but Kuli Chana wasn’t done stanning William Last’s talents as he Tweeted;

“…and he raps too,I heard a few of his joints.This dude is MAD TALENTED…”

Judging from the remainder of the comments, William may be a loveable and humble guy, when he’s publicly he’s a completely different person and you almost certainly wouldn’t recognise him. When he gets ahead of the camera though, he transforms into the funny man that’s very loved by his fellow countrymen.

One Tweep who has had the luck of chilling with him even said…
Khuli Chana Can't Deal With William Last KRM
“Many wont believe once I say this guy face to face he never does this type of things a generous dude with pure love and really humble and shy!!”
While others agreed with him about his humility once they had met him at shows in Rustenberg.

“He doesn’t do that things i onced chillied with him ko Rustenburg he was cool.. En very shy”
One Tweep also reminded Kuli Chana that William Last KRM requested to try to to a song with him for his latest album and even shared the Facebook link to Williams post.

It seems we’d be seeing a collaboration between the 2 soon and Mzansi will certainly like it .

Do you think a Motswako song between the 2 would be a hit?