Khuli Chana talked about Lamiez’s relationship with MacG


Khuli Chana talked about Lamiez’s relationship with MacG

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A few months ago, Podcast And Chill’s MacG made some startling revelations about a female DJ, he once dated. MacG revealed to his half a million subscribers that he and Lamiez Holworthy used to be an item.

MacG caused some chaos on social media when he revealed that he and Lamiez used to be an item a few years ago, but he broke up with her. It was the real reason he gave that made people mad saying he could have kept it to himself.

Although some people knew about their “fling”, a lot still did not know about it. Sol teased MacG and said he cannot call Lamiez an ex because their relationship lasted for a month and that they never slept together.

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Sol called Lamiez a sweet girl who stays out of trouble, which is a good thing. “She is such a sweet person who never harms anyone,” he said.

Sol asked MacG if they ever dated, but he said, “You didn’t smash so it doesn’t count,” he laughed. “All of us have had those relationships, where one week [you date] and then the girl is like ‘I’m going through things, I shouldn’t have said yes,” he said.

MacG took it a bit further by saying he had to dump Lamiez, because she was getting too serious as she wanted to introduce him to her parents. “She wanted to introduce me to her parents and sh*t, then I said nah I’m gone,” he revealed.

MacG then said he felt very bad for dumping her because he could see that she was in love with him. “I thought we were just having fun but then I realised that no she is taking things very serious.”

Before he could spill more beans, Sol interrupted him. In the latest episode

In this weeks episodes, of Podcast and Chill, MacG spoke about Black Coffee’s Grammy Award party event, where he saw himself surrounded by all the people he kind of has beef with because of what he said on the podcast.

He was surrounded by the likes of Minnie Dlamini and Unathi who he has said some pretty mean stuff about. Then there was Khuli Chana and his wife Lamiez. There was alo DJ Fresh who he does not have any beef with, but he was around the people he had just mentioned.

So for peace sake, he greeted all the people he was surrounded by. “Now I can’t say hi to all of them and not say hi to them.”

“So I go there I say hi to Khuli, because he is my boy. But then Lamiez made it awkward man,” MacG said Lamiez asked him “why you telling people that we dated?”

Sol then laughed and said that was a cool question because MacG has said far worse things about her. One of the things he said was, “females (DJ’s) can’t play”

In response to Lamiez, MacG said he told her that they actually did date but Lamiez said she does not remember that. He then said he had to let it go because Lamiez is married so he could not disrespect Khuli.

But Khuli said he is glad everything is sorted because he was worried when people would tell him that MacG said he slept with Lamiez.

MacG also caught some heat for misquoting Heavy K who apparently said Black Coffee’s Subconsciously album was ‘pap’, in other words bad. But Heavy K denied that and reposted a clip from that interview where he said he prefers the old Black Coffee.

“The old Black Coffee is one that inspired me. I can say that the new Coffee, is a very smart grootman. He calculates everything. There are places that he has been to that I have not been to. Maybe he has seen doors for him to explore, but for me it will always be that old sound,” that’s what he said.

Heavy K was left fuming at MacG for misquoting him and said he will not tolerate people lying about him. “One thing I won’t allow is for people to lie on my name or project me as something I’m not just to push their narrative.”

Then Heavy K slid into Black Coffee’s DMs and set the record straight. “When we had this conversation with MacG I said exactly what you said. If you had said anything I was uncomfortable about, I would have asked you.”

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