Khumalo sisters’ honesty questioned

The highly anticipated Senzo Meyiwa murder trial took an unexpected turn this week as a new State witness took the stand, revealing shocking revelations that have sent shockwaves through the public and legal communities alike. Amidst the riveting courtroom drama, the focus of public discourse has increasingly turned towards urging singer Kelly Khumalo and her sister, Zandi Khumalo, to come forward with the truth surrounding the tragic incident.


In a tense courtroom setting at the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, the new State witness presented compelling testimony that shed new light on the events leading up to the untimely death of former South African football captain Senzo Meyiwa. The details shared during the trial have captivated the nation, with spectators and media outlets alike hanging on every word.

The late Senzo Meyiwa’s murder has remained an unresolved mystery since the tragic incident occurred in 2014. The case has garnered widespread attention not only due to Meyiwa’s status as a beloved sports figure but also because of the alleged involvement of Kelly Khumalo, his former girlfriend, and her sister Zandi Khumalo. Both sisters have consistently denied any involvement in Meyiwa’s murder, further fueling speculation and debate among the public.

As the trial continues to unfold, calls for the Khumalo sisters to share their account of the events leading up to the murder have grown louder. Advocates of justice and transparency argue that their testimonies could provide crucial insights into the circumstances surrounding the crime. However, legal experts caution against jumping to conclusions, emphasizing the importance of allowing the trial to run its course and relying on the evidence presented in court.

Things took a sharp turn after a number of contradictions, starting with the testimony of the State’s third witness, Nthabiseng Mokete. She told the court that Zandi rushed to her car, screaming for help and urging them to call an ambulance as Meyiwa had been shot.

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