Khwezi and Lehasa continues to torture Nothile

Khwezi and Lehasa continues to torture Nothile


After what Lehasa and Nothile been through over the latest few weeks, she gets staggering amazement of her life when she sees the woman she could do without with her playmate having a dinner date.

Lehasa has every choice to go out with Khwezi Gasela, in light of the fact that Nothile has been deceiving him for so long about disposing of her stomach. If Nothile really treasured Lehasa she would have submitted herself totally to the relationship. Nothile and Khwezi do no have a fair association with each other considering their past.
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Lehasa mentioning that Khwezi go out on a dinner with him was the vitally sign that he genuinely has to know her more and in a perfect world be engaged with her. Khwezi is unquestionably more evolved and independent woman and Lehasa likes that more with respect to her.

Nothile now she truly needs Lehasa to be with her subsequent to seeing him with her foe