Khwezi has the plan to get Pretty out of Lehasa’s House

Khwezi has the plan to get Pretty out of Lehasa’s House

Khwezi was fine with Lehasa dating Pretty in light of the fact that she realized that Pretty was not a danger for her. Yet, now that there is one more lady in Lehasa’s life, she is stressed. She considers Nothile to be rivalry. She figured out that Nothile was still in touch with Lehasa and she wants to find out whether they are dating or anything.

she chose to go to the rec center. At the point when she showed up at the exercise center, she tracked down Nothile’s closest companion. She was cordial with her however Nothile’s companion asked her what she needed. Khwezi went focused and got some information about Nothile’s whereabouts however Euphoria would have rather not told her anything.

She let Khwezi know that on the off chance that she had questions, she ought to ask Lehasa and let Nothile be. Khwezi was baffled since she could do without being uninformed, she prefers being in charge of everything.

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