Killer Kau’s body arrived at his home, ready to start the memorial

Killer Kau’s body arrived at his home, ready to start the memorial

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Members of the public as well as fans of Killer Kau had gathered outside his home in order to celebrate his life, we can see the whole street was packed with people who were there to pay their last respects to the Amapiano Star.

Although we have information that there were invitations for those people who had gathered outside and this is something that is good, as friends, family members as well as fans gathered together in order to celebrate his life.

Other members of the public are only concerned that the covid-19 regulations are being violated in this incident, and they forget that when someone touched many people’s hearts they tend to forget about other pressing matters.

Sakhile Hlatshwayo, popularly known as Killer Kau, was a South African rapper, dancer, and record producer best known for his hit song titled “Tholukuthi Hey” which held South Africa by storm.

Mpura and Killer Kau died from an accident while traveling to one of their gigs in Rustenburg, on 7 August 2021, reports about what exactly happened in that accident are stile to be disclosed to members of the public as they are currently being investigated by law enforcement.

Many people had thought that the accident had claimed the life of Kabza De Small, but he went onto social media to correct the misguided information that was being passed around about his demise.

It has been revealed that 6 people died in the head-on collision, including artists Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot, and TD. Since the news broke people have been sending their condolences to the bereaved families.

Kau rose to fame when a video of him performing trended so much that it caught the attention of DJ Euphoric. His single ‘Thol’ Ukuthi Hey’ turned into a national hit and made him who he was before his death.
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He dropped albums called the ‘Game Changer’ and ‘After School’ which also took the country by storm, shooting him into stardom and a household name that many people associated with Amapiano. And it is believed that he was working ng on a third album when he unfortunately dies, the album is called ‘Amaneighbour’.