King Monada: No one will take care of you and your family.


King Monada: No one will take care of you and your family.

Welcome to my channel, you can kindly follow by using the follow button, today I will be talking about King Monada warns against people invading his privacy.

In this formal proclamation, King Monada condemns those who violate his right to personal space.

The singer, whose home also serves as his studio, stated that he has had unannounced guests stop by his residence.

“Attention to all of our Fans: Please be warned that trips to King Monada’s music studios, snapping pictures, and other activities are only permitted with prior appointment. Anyone who tries to enter will be denied entry because he has a need for privacy in his home and because entering while he is being filmed would violate his privacy. The statement ends with a “Thank you for understanding” phrase.

Some of his followers agreed with the warning, as seen by the following statement made by one of his followers: “Even if he installs 100 studios anyplace you will still have to make an appointment to see him.” He presumably keeps a very strict schedule in his diary. It is time to put an end to the practice of not honoring African professionals and business owners. You are not in my journal, thus I am unable to see you there. Simple.”