Kuli Roberts talks about what she wants to be remembered as when she is gone.


Kuli Roberts talks about what she wants to be remembered as when she is gone.

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Just a few weeks ago, the South African entertainment industry lost a legend who was an activist for gender-based violence and used his voice to speak out about the abuse that women in South Africa experienced at the hands of other men. The legendary actor, who shared his talent on television by being indifferent TV dramas, committed suicide just after he had a bad encounter on social media, which had many people attack him, but ended up apologizing, then two days later committed suicide. The entertainment industry is still shocked by his passing and is still coming to terms with the fact that Patrick Shai is no longer alive.

And, while people are still coming to terms with the fact that those veteran actors are no longer with us, on the 10th of February 2022, the sad news of the passing of an iconic media personality, Khuli Roberts, was shared on all social media platforms.

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The death of Khuli Roberts has left many heartbroken because it was so unexpected and sudden. It has never been reported that Khuli was sick or dealing with a long-term illness. Just two days ago, she posted pictures of herself looking well and ready to take on the world like she does every day.

Khuli Roberts was one of the veteran media personalities in South Africa, and many remember her for her outstanding personality and not being afraid to address things many were afraid to. Khuli knew that some day her day of death would come and a short video of her trending of how she wanted to be remembered left Mzansi in tears.

This is how Khuli said she wants to be remembered. In the video, Mac G asked her what she wanted to be remembered for and she replied by saying that she doesn’t want to be remembered, she just wants us as people to look after each other. She wants us to look after those who are being discriminated against. We must look after people of the LGBQI+ community and people who suffer from albinism. She wants us to stop insulting each other as Black people and to think of ourselves highly. She does not want us to forget Ubuntu.

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