Kuli Roberts: Why do people care about my weight?

Kuli Roberts: Why do people care about my weight?

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Kuli Roberts might be exceptional at dishing the tea and the shade for days, but recently she has proven that she can take it just as well.

The media veteran came under scrutiny and roused calls for concern following a series of viral posts centered around speculations about her weight loss. This is after tweeps circulated images of Roberts suggesting that she looked too skinny recently.

Kuli Roberts

The suggestion was laughable considering that all it takes to dispel that suggestion is visiting her Instagram page to realize that as always the former SABC 3’s “Trending SA” anchor looks the same. Roberts has always been a petite woman, the only difference is that of late she has been exploring her filters and clearly her affinity with the dark and sadistic does not end with the things she says.

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However, the writer could not be at the forefront of entertainment news and not discuss the matter once it went viral. Roberts conducted an interview with Drum Online and discussed why she was unbothered about the criticism. In part she was quote as having said:

“It’s quite funny though, that people who are talking about me being skinny are the same people who are wearing cycling shorts under their clothes because they are not comfortable about the way they look, Truth is, everybody wants to be thin.

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The statement comes of the back of Roberts first having stated that she is not fazed because this is not the first time she has experienced bullying by the public. Granted that sometimes it was not bullying but backlash for some of the insensitive and sometimes just inflammatory statements and writings that she has done in the past. However, speaking about experiencing bullying earlier on, “The Queen” actress had first said:

“Back in the 90s people used to tease me back I am dark-skinned. Some said I was so dark ingathi ndisuzwele yi donkey ebusweni (as if a donkey farted in my face). Then people said came from a well-off family why didn’t I bleach my skin and look like Mshoza and I said no. Now they talk about my weight, I don’t care.

Kuli Roberts

The grandmother to one has since shown that she really does not care as she continued to post more images of herself. The sis even ditched the wig and went to get a fresh haircut, which might be symbolic and her way of saying that old and bad spirits can stay back in the past.