Kumnandi kwa love lives here: They look so good together

Kumnandi kwa love lives here: They look so good together

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Thembi Seete is one of South Africa’s most loved celebrities, the media personality has been in the entertainment industry for close to three decades and over the years, she has solidified herself as one of the leading ladies in the arts. Many of us met Thembi Seete when she was a member of Boom Shaka and since then, she has managed to reinvent her brand countless times.

Not only is she a successful singer, she is also an actress and a television presenter. The star who recently gave birth to her first child has been super-private about her love life and up until now, there have been no images of Thembi and her reported baby daddy.

During a wedding in Mauritius, the alleged couple posed next to Cash Flow and his girlfriend. Take a look at the snap below:

According to an article published on TshisaLive, the media personality and her reported lover are allegedly engaged.
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Speaking to the publication, a well-placed source said, “Collen has introduced her to his family and they’ve moved in together. He takes care of her and addresses her as his wife.”

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Main image credit: instagram.com/@thembiseete_