Kuthiwa u-DJ Zinhle controls her husband, Morda like a puppy

Kuthiwa u-DJ Zinhle controls her husband, Morda like a puppy

Tweeps are raining on DJ Zinhle’s parade as she continues to express her excitement for her husband’s latest album. Yesterday, DJ Zinhle shared a snippet of Morda’s latest body of work while congratulating him on his first solo project.

Tweeps have basically told DJ Zinhle to take several seats with praising her husband’s latest solo album. Taking to Twitter, DJ Zinhle conveyed her proudest moment for Morda album but it appears tweeps have just had enough of DJ Zinhle’s ‘gloating’ moment.

“Guys. I’m so proud of my husband. #morda” wrote DJ Zinhle

The outraged tweeps feel as though she is bragging about Morda’s album. The proud DJ Zinhle has been met with a difficult crown, as tweeps are still blaming her for the disbandment of the group Black Motion. DJ Zinhle has had weathered the storm of taking the blame for breaking up Black Motion, since Morda announced going solo after he was romantically involved with DJ Zinhle.

“Wahlukanisa iBlack Motion wena” wrote Nkanyiso Ngcobo

“But is he proud of you ?” wrote Yungzvy

“I think it’s too early to shout that you are out of the forest while you still in it. Linda ntombo. A guy is always a guy and i think it’s the best when you let him know when you are with him not telling the whole world, umntu uyaphoxa and will confuse you. Oho!” wrote Azolla

“You ruined black motion” wrote Besta

It is a known fact that DJ Zinhle is much older than her husband, Morda. Which is the reason why at every turn tweeps are still shading DJ Zinhle for being with a ‘ben 10’. A ben 10 being a younger guy than their girlfriend. Evidently, tweeps will forever breath down DJ Zinhle’s neck with the age gap between her and Morda. As they are continuously calling her out for it.

“The one you control like a puppy?” wrote Duboyz

“Bathong are you back here for more ‘abuse’ abusive one? Go be proud of him in ya bedroom who cares” wrote Mjovo

“Ooh yes Ben 10 are the best” wrote Shabatso Njoms

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