Kwaito has just bought the most expensive car in all of SA

Kwaito has just bought the most expensive car in all of SA


The pandemic clearly hasn’t affected Skeem Saam’s Clement Maosa that much. The actor, who plays Zamokuhle Seakamela on the soapie recently took to social media to point out off his fresh car, A BMW 4 Series couple.

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Asking his fans to mention Hooray, Moasa thanked the salesperson who assisted him for the superb service.

“Ngicela nithi hooorayyyy.” Posted Clement. “It’s time to celebrate with this beast behind me. My brother @ntsakob just handed over the keys after such an excellent service…. hit him up. Danko!!!”

The actor recently revealed, in an interview on Massive Metro, that he wants to guard the rights of artists. Maosa, who studied law, says that as soon as he’s admitted as an advocate, he’ll be opening his firm to assist artists.

“Soon once I get my admission as an Advocate, i would like to major in entertainment law and represent artists and their rights, particularly musicians…entertainers play an important role in our society but they’re often neglected, exploited, and not valued.” Said the Drip footwear ambassador. He also revealed that his LLB Degree has been helping him negotiate his contracts well.

“I came to Joburg and began attending auditions and that i realized that my LLB degree helps me tons especially once I need to negotiate contracts, i’m very conversant in law and clauses and also to assist others, you’ll be shocked that there are tons of”> numerous artists who are being ripped off and that they are like “dude you don’t understand that this is often a booklet of numerous rules and regulations” and whatever so it’s helping me a lot and eventually i would like to open a firm.”

Responding to why he studied Law while his passion lies within the arts, the daddy and fiancé said that his parents forced him to.

“Growing up, once they realize that you simply are smart, they tell you you gonna be a lawyer or a doctor because those were the foremost common professions…and I ended up getting to study law because once I was in matric I told My parents that I wanted to be an actor and go study media at Wits or the University of Cape Town and study film and production and that they said to me no you’re getting to be a Lawyer or a Doctor, otherwise we aren’t getting to buy your fees,” shared Clement.