Pics: Kwesta’s daughters will surprise you

Pics: Kwesta’s daughters will surprise you

Watching your children grow up and being independent is a warming feeling. As parents we are often scared that the world might be harsh on our little ones but they always surprise us and even do more than what we expected from them. Kwesta Dakar is an award winning rapper and businessman. He is amongst some of the best rappers in Mzansi. Kwesta is a proud father to two beautiful girls Khai and Kenya. He is happily married to Yolanda whom he has sang about many times. Thanks to her, we have hits from about love.

Their second born Kenya, celebrated her second birthday. Yolanda shared a cute picture of Khai being a big sister. She has Kenya in her arms, holding her tight. Yolanda’s fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. They are doing a good job, looking at how Khai is holding her little sister tight. At the end of the day, their happiness matters more.


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