Kwesta’s wife Yolanda refers to her children’s control over her hubby

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda refers to her children’s control over her hubby

Rapper and songwriter Senzo Vilakazi, who is popularly known by his stage name Kwesta has two daughters with his wife Yolanda Mvelase. Their first daughter Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi is 6 years old, and their last born Kenya Elihle Vilakazi, is less than a year old.Kwesta

Yolanda recently took to her Instagram page and posted adorable pictures of her husband Kwesta with their two daughters. She went on to mourn the fact that both the girls takes after their father.

“My people, my heart, my everything. Also 18 months of pregnancy for these two to take after their Dad’s entire face?!! Betrayal!”, Yolanda captioned the picture.
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It seems like fans also agree to the fact that the two daughters do indeed look more than their father than they do their mother. Media personality, Minnie Dlamini also shared that she was familiar with this kind of betrayal of children looking more like their fathers.

“I know it well!”, Minnie commented

Since Minnie is yet to share a clear picture of her baby, we now already know that the baby looks like the Quinton Jones, who is the father. It seems like she has already accepted that her child resembles the father more than her.

Singer Moozlie thought that it made sense for Yolanda’s children to look like Kwesta, because both of their names start with the letter K. She decided to make it clear in the comments of Yolanda’s post.

“Ok, but does your name start with K tho? These girls have got the vision, leave them!”, Moozlie wrote.