Kwesta’s wife Yolanda was misunderstood

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda was misunderstood

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Kwesta’s wife Yolanda recently shared a video of herself feeding daughter Kenya and everything went left after the newborn puked on her face. As innocent as her video was, the thumbnail lead many to think it was adult content until opening it to only find out that it was the most innocent thing ever.

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Check out some of the reactions from a few Zalebs.

“My mind went left before it went right…” said Lootlove
“I the beginning I thought that was…never mind ? Sanbonani, my humans,” said Thabsie

Babes Wodumo responded with ‘In Love’ and ‘Laughing Emoji’s’ The Wololo hitmaker has been reported to be pregnant after she had a visible bump on her tummy during her recent birthday celebration. Babes, however, has not yet or confirmed the rumors.

In November last year, Yolanda and her husband Kwesta welcomed their second born, Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. Kwesta shared the exciting news on social media, revealing that their baby was born on the 11 of November 2020. What made the announcement extra special was the fact that it was on the day they were celebrating ten years of their love. “As we celebrate a decade of love and being together, God chose us and trusted us with another beautiful blessing that is half of me & half of my love. We so excited and thankful for this miracle and can’t wait to meet our sweet baby in just 3months time!”

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Kwesta recently had a listening session for his forthcoming release, g.o.d guluva’ and said the following about it.

“The first thing I said was “I don’t do this.. ‘What I didn’t realize is that it wasn’t necessarily about me. I mean, I’m a result of many human collisions, many deliberate efforts to win and many to see the opposite happen.” Said the rapper about his listening session.

“The acceptance of the fact that Kwesta is not made by just his own efforts fills me with immense gratitude. Gratitude that begins with those who f…d with my shit as a 17 old kid and stretches to those who put themselves 2nd to help make me King.”


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