LaConco’s Bae doesn’t own a yacht and what she said was just a lie


LaConco’s Bae doesn’t own a yacht and what she said was just a lie

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Jojo Robinson told Annie Mthembu that Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco was lying about her “bae” who is nicknamed Petal on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) on Friday 8 April.

Jojo did some digging on LaConco’s new “bae” nicknamed Petal and found some alleged “lies” which Annie Mthembu was not happy about. Apparently, Petal does not own a yacht or his own business.

“We’ve all been questioning the whole petal thing. So anyway, I mean Petal stays in my estate. Basically, I find out that Petal definitely does not own a yacht, and from what I hear he is also… or was also, at some point looking for a roommate,” said Jojo.

“What I know… Petal isn’t exactly as rich as LaC says… which is weird because she never should have said anything. There’s no pressure,” she continued.

“I know where he works and who he works for. He is not the owner of the company,” she continued.

Annie was not impressed by what she just heard.

“She sort of made up an imaginary person. I don’t like being lied to. Someone who lies this much, it is not very comfortable to hang out with people like that,” said Annie.

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“I definitely feel like I need to ask her because I don’t trust her, I don’t know her. I’m just scared,” she continued.

Annie confronted LaConco about her alleged lies.

“Nonsense. They’re all crazy. You believe whatever, it doesn’t concern me, it doesn’t change my reality,” said LaConco in her piece-to-camera.

“So, Jojo going out and seeking information or proof or whatever… it just says a lot about them and their loyalty,” she continued.

Annie went on to confront her co-star about how all her answers are always open-ended and there is no definite answers to anything.
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“I think LaConco is definitely getting caught in her web of lies,” says Annie.

The “baby mama” of Jacob Zuma told Annie that she does not owe her that and explanations are voluntary.

“If Annie and Jojo were taught to go around sticking their noses in people’s businesses they’re welcome to,” she said.

Annie then says she is ready to cut LaConco off completely after the trip.

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