ladies and gentlemen, Gogo Ivy Nkutha aka Gog Flo, is still alive.

ladies and gentlemen, Gogo Ivy Nkutha aka Gog Flo, is still alive.

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There has been heaps of confusion on social media once Generations: The gift histrion Manaka Ranaka‘s Instagram post on weekday, 3rd of May, that sent shockwaves among viewers of the tv soapie.

The histrion – World Health Organization plays the role of Lucy on the SABC one soapie – denote a video of her colleague Gogo Hedera helix Nkutha (who plays the role of Gog Flo on an equivalent soapie) furthermore as a make-up creative person from their make-up department.

Manaka’s caption read: “Rest simple Msizest. Dawgie nd I square measure gonna miss you. we tend to square measure solely left with reminiscences.”

Before she knew it fans were causing messages of condolences within the comments section, overwrought at the sudden passing of ‘Gog Flo’ because the legendary histrion is dearly known as.

However, if one reads Manaka’s full caption it’s evident that the messages of condolences were misdirected because of needless confusion, and since the histrion had anticipated that it might happen, she had supplementary a disclaimer in her caption. Sadly, several didn’t browse it.
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The second a part of her caption may be a disclaimer to clear the air on World Health Organization, between the 2 girls within the video had passed. Manaka created it clear that Gogo Hedera helix Nkuthu (Gog Flo) was still alive and kicking and it had been their make-up creative person World Health Organization had sadly passed.

The rest of her caption browse as follows: “Before you get anxious, Gogo Hedera helix Nkutha is incredibly abundant alive! Its the woman doing her makeup thats died, Generations Makeup Department. RIP Sizakele Sipoyo”.