Lady claims that makhadzi’s ex did a hit and run on her

Lady claims that makhadzi’s ex did a hit and run on her

She went live on an independent broadcast radio which was broadcasted on Facebook by Sabc livhu mucaptiain she explained on how they met and how makhadzi meddled in their affair and how they broke up and how she was drugged.

She explained that they met at thavhani mall news cafee when there were drinking alcohol with her friends and everyone had their own tables separate, they now started getting drunk which lead to them going to lwams house while drunk, and they finally went with them.

after they had slept together and the girl thought that they are now in a relationship, which was not in lwams’s mind,

In the morning they woke up at his home and they now started eating something called mushrooms which she claims it had drugs because she couldn’t think of anything at the moment but everything that is happening in her life. She said she didn’t remember anything that happened after that.

The next day when they were together makhadzi called his man and asked if he could pick her up where she was? That’s what the girl said but people ain’t sure because makhadzi has her own driver and multiple cars also with bodyguards also but she said her man did not go.

And after that lwams would call her and tell her not to sleep with anyone besides him, because they already tested hiv and aids and she was found clean so she also told not go out anymore to groove. She said he started controlling her.

people understand her story very well but they don’t want her to include their queen who is makhadzi’s they said she should understand that it was a hit and run. And she should not tell us now that she was used because she never told us when they started dating

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