Lady Du gets a tattoo for killer kau and Mpura.

Lady Du gets a tattoo for killer kau and Mpura.


The death of a loved one is one of the most heartbreaking feeling ever. You never get over death, it constantly grips upon you and the memories comes flooding in. It is hard going through life knowing you will never see that person again

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Lady Du Is one of the biggest female Djs and musicians in the country right now. The Catalina musician is releasing hits after hits. Shw has been recently trending on social media after the death of her close friends Killer kau and Mpura. Their death left her heartbroken.


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She gave one of the most touching attributes to Mpura’s funeral yesterday. We hope she will get better with time. We know she can never see it forget about them. She just got a tattoo in a form of remembrance for them. A peace sign, two birds, and two hearts. This is a beautiful gesture, they really meant alot to her.
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We as South African citizens we really have lost our young brothers, young talents, we were looking forward to more hits as we are approaching December. May their soul rest in peace.