Lady Du mourns DJ Dimplez: When will this stop?


Lady Du mourns DJ Dimplez: When will this stop?

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Lady Du is currently the most loved artist in the entertainment industry. She is always consistent when comes to blessing her fans with the music they all love. Although she also got to a point of depression after she broke things off with her husband Andile, the lady seems to have done well for her life as she managed to get her groove back without feeling sorry for herself.

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Yesterday, Lady du made a very big mistake after she announced the death of One of the best DJ , DJ DImplez. Apparently DJ DImplez was performing live at Vosloo when he collapsed on stage . They tried to revive him and by the time he got to the hospital, he was confirmed dead . As you can all imagine, the death of this DJ was suppose to have been announced by the family first or his manager not some random people no matter how close they are working together .

Lady Du is now getting grilled for announcing the death of DJ DImplez when she knows she doesn’t even attend these artists funeral . Black Twitter dragged her name to Even say that the song she released called “Umsebezi Wethu” she was indirectly saying that it her job as an artist to reveal the death of other artists. According to Twitter people , lady du doesn’t attend her colleagues funeral but she is too quick to comment on their death without being sensitive in the end .

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According to Lady DU’s post, the death of DJ DImplez was not natural, she believes there are people who were behind his death .the speculations on this DJ’s death is what really angers Mzansi into dragging her name out . She has no filter whatsoever. Others believe ls that she ment well but majority things that she is just saying these things to showoff as she will be in the end the only DJ left .

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